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Optical isolated amplifiers
High Power – Circuit Breaker Testing  
For dedicated High Power Measurement (up to 1 MV) a special digital fiber cable isolated transient recorder has been developed in conjunction with major Test labs over the world. Fully featured with ultra fast (100MS/s@14 bits) signal capture capability and friendly operating software the Saturn system is the world first 100 MS/s digital fiber isolated transient recorder.
With direct storage capability into world’s most popular signal analysis programs the user has its various Circuit Breaker Test results such as Capacitive tests, Synthetic test, No-Load tests and the Short Circuit test results available in seconds using the new STL 2.0 evaluation routines.
The AMO comes with optional lightning impulse software calculating the T1, T2, Vp of lightning impulse waveform to IEC 60, IEC 61083, IEEE 4, IEEE 1122, IEEE 1223 specifications. It compares full and reduced voltage. In one compact rugged instrument, you can measure, analyze, store and custom document your impulse testing with all the flexibility of a networked PC.
Fiber Optic System:
The FOsystem is a complete set of instruments for convenient fiber optic transmission
of different types of analog signals from a variety of sensors. The FOsystem allows easy implementation of fiber optic transmission to solve noise, safety, and signal quality issues in high-voltage measuring environments and other demanding conditions. The signal bandwidth covers DC up to 10MHz. 
The FOsystem can be placed as a front-end of any data acquisition system capturing the isolated signals.
Transmitters are available in different variants, including, for instance, versions for adjustment to piezoelectric pressure transducers or displacement/position transducers. Besides these options, the units can be fitted with customer-specific circuits for adjustment
to other sensors. Fylde Electronic Laboratories Ltd. has specialized in the design and manufacture of analogue instrumentation in Preston (UK) since its formation in 1964.Our signal conditioning products concentrate on the link between the transducer and the data acquisition system. Fylde has introduced innovative and cost effective solutions to conditioning most types of transducer, and has provided top quality instruments to aerospace and vehicle manufacturers for many years.
FE560IA:1000V Isolation amplifier
The FE560IA is a complete stand-alone isolated amplifier of modular construction for professional medium voltage measurement applications. The instrument is an ideal solution to protect your measurement system and yourself against hazardous voltages. The instrument can be used in combination with data acquisition systems, waveform analyzers, dataloggers, oscilloscopes and PC-based instrumentation.
The amplifier stage is built around a floating amplifier with five selectable AC/DC coupled input ranges and provides a 1500 Volt RMS isolation barrier. By using digital modulation the barrier characteristics do not affect signal integrity, resulting in excellent reliability and good high frequency transient immunity across the barrier. One to sixteen input modules can be installed in one housing.
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